First Day Of School

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of school for me ,Wish me luck!

Thursday 15th Of july. 2010

Hello again,I know that I am not posting a lot but I can promise you that I post something at least once a week. So want to know what I did today?,no? Okay then please comment below about what should I write about.....

Wish Me luck

Hello i dint do anything much today ,but tomorrow i'll start school and trust me i'm NOT looking foreword i'm going to buy school stuff today okay i have nothing else to say... :D

Tuesday 9th Of Feb. 2010

I Just spent the last few hours playing farmville and omgpop i'm so addicted to these websites .... ,and the rest of the day is okay :)

I'm back!!!!

hey,I just came back from Bahrain it was kind of fun ,I saw the movie Avatar ,loved it! and that was my day GOODNIGHT

It's really me !!

3rd Of Feb. 2010 Hi,I'm sorry i didn't say happy new year but i'm saying it now ! i was busy studding and all ,And tomorrow i'm going to go Bahrain with my family and aunt ,I'm so excited I hope your having fun in your holidays and .... Bye ,I'll ttyl (that means :talk to you later):D

I Am Back

Hello,I'm sorry I'm not going on this alot .But i have to study ,and i always forget but I'll make sure when i finish me exams I'll write more ,but for now i am going to study. GOOD BYE

Tuesday 3rd of December 2009

Today i didn't do anything much i only played in my computer and went to by stuff for school, I thought we are going to the chalet but we didn't :( it's really boring.

Wednesday 2nd of December 2009

Welcome to my blog
 today i went to school then the teachers told me to call my parents becuase there isn't much students ,My dad picked me up  then we went home he told me why not make i blog ,then i said :ok so we made this one i'm so happy now ,And i think we are going to the chalet .